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At Andronovo, oncology is not just our job - it is our passion.

Our Trusted Process for Phase I-IV oncology clinical trials has enabled us to quickly and efficiently mobilize international, multidisciplinary teams to develop and implement clinical oncology trials around the globe. We have managed trials of all phases and sizes that have evaluated numerous therapies (using various critical endpoints), preventative measures and patient care considerations for a broad spectrum of cancer indications.

We are committed to supporting our customers in advancing science and saving lives. Our dedicated, global oncology team offers a depth of clinical expertise allowing us to proactively manage the unique challenges associated with cancer clinical trials, including patient recruitment. Our team of seasoned oncology professionals has generated longstanding relationships with key oncology thought leaders, investigators (both academic and community based), professional societies, cancer cooperative groups and patient support groups around the world to support and meet the trial objectives of our clients.

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