Infectious Diseases

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Although progress has been made to stamp out or control many infectious diseases, the global population remains vulnerable to a wide array of new and resurgent organisms.

The problem is complicated by rapid biological processes that result in the emergence of new, potentially dangerous bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. In addition, other factors make humankind more vulnerable to the spread of infectious agents such as microorganisms developing resistance to the drugs used against them, population crowding and easy world travel and the potential for bioterrorism to spread eradicated or rare infectious diseases such as smallpox and anthrax.

Andronovo is a leader in infectious disease research. Applying our Trusted Process methodology on trials for companies focused on vaccine development, we deliver trusted results on time and on budget. Our prevention and treatment to combat infectious diseases encompasses immunization, public health measures, surveillance by health care professionals and treatment. The development of antibiotics and other antimicrobials has played an important role in the fight against infectious diseases; however further discovery and evaluation of new treatments for infectious diseases continues to be of critical importance.

Andronovo's Infectious Disease team has experience in all stages and functions associated with the development of anti-infectives. Our experience spans both pediatric and adult trials of all levels of complexity and includes work in the areas of anti-bacterials, anti-virals, anti-fungals and vaccines. We are fully engaged in the worldwide fight against infectious disease.

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