Central Nervous System

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Andronovo is recognized as a leader in the field of central nervous system (CNS) research. Our highly experienced team understands the complexities of the nervous system and the widely varying disciplines that explore CNS function, dysfunction, and drug research.

Working with CNS specialists and drawing upon an extensive network of academic and private practice physician investigators, we have directed clinical trials in psychiatry, neurology, pain, sleep, and related areas for more than 20 years. We’ve conducted nearly 350 global CNS trials focused on




The trials have involved more than 70,000 patients at more than 6,500 sites worldwide.

The strength of our CNS Practice team’s first-hand knowledge in the areas of psychiatry, neurology, and pain, in both adult and pediatric populations is brought directly to bear on our customers critical CNS drug development programs. Andronovo’s CNS Practice offers a flexible array of services fully customized to the specific requirements of the individual trial and the unique needs of each valued customer.

We have a group of neuropsychologists within CNS who comprise Andronovo’s Cognitive Services Group (CSG) to offer specialized services to navigate the challenges of trials involving cognitive endpoints. Whether examining cognitive function as an efficacy endpoint or as a means of assessing drug safety, the choice of psychometric measures and test providers is important. Our CSG is comprised of experts not typically found in-house, who proactively address the challenges associated with cognitive assessment in clinical trials.

Our CNS practice has expertise to design and implement full research programs, deliver discrete services for any part of a single trial, and even rescue failing trials. Through every phase of a trial, Andronovo CNS specialists employ our proprietary Trusted Process to ensure results of the highest integrity.

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