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Therapies for cardiovascular disease form a central part of the global pharmaceutical market, with a wide range of available treatments, including leading blockbusters. Opportunities for new therapies exist. As the patient population grows and cardiovascular diseases become more prevalent, expertise in developing and running efficient trials in this competitive sector will become more critical.

Our Cardiovascular Group is a dedicated clinical operations team with years of experience working on global trials across this diverse spectrum of indications. With our therapeutic and regulatory expertise, we can provide strategic thinking and full clinical plan development that considers the scientific rigor of a specific program. We deploy specialized recruitment and retention strategies that have proven success in cardiovascular trials. Our monitoring, project management and data management team members have conducted more than 50 cardiovascular trials across multiple indications. The trials have involved more than 38,000 cardiovascular patients at more than 5,500 investigative sites.

Our team has successfully delivered cardiovascular projects covering the following indications:

Angina Pectoris

Cardiac Arrythmias

Cardiovascular Outcome Studies

Deep Vein Thrombosis

Heart Failure



Peripheral Arterial Disease

Venous Ulceration

We afford access to suitable patients and experienced investigative sites. Another distinct advantage is our capability to offer global reach through our clinical teams located in Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe (West, Central and Eastern Europe), Latin America and North America.

With more than 25 years of clinical trial experience, we have worked with many Key Opinion Leaders and sites located in the regions mentioned above. We have also collaborated with a significant number of leading cardiovascular research centers of excellence across the globe.

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