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Biotechnology is the science for this century. Advanced tools and techniques allow us to look at the atomic level e.g. through nanotechnology. Biotechnology is using the sciences of biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, computers and information technology to develop tools and products that hold great promise.

Healthcare - the number one priority

The biotechnology industry is improving the odds for millions of patients around the world with life-threatening conditions and helping to combat everyday health threats. Tremendous progress has been made by clients in developing new vaccines and therapies that dramatically reduce rates of infection, treat and cure serious illnesses, and save millions of patients’ lives. Biotechnology also creates diagnostics that provide more precise and accurate tools for disease detection.

Complex regulatory environment

Andronovo Labs supports the biotechnology industry in developing and bringing products to patients in a way that is expeditious, maximizes patient access and encourages continued innovation. These goals sound simple, but achieving them requires a complex, delicately balanced legal and regulatory environment at every level. Andronovo Labs can guide you step by step through the challenges of clinical development.

Your partner in clinical development

Andronovo Labs offers you vast experience in the biotechnology business, including experience in a variety of indications. We are familiar with developments of gene therapies, orphan drugs, human growth hormones, monoclonal antibodies, biopharmaceuticals and biosimilars. We know your special needs, as well as the business and regulatory requirements you are facing. Andronovo Labs provides dedicated, tailored and innovative services throughout each clinical development phase and beyond.

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