Contract Research

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Andronovo’s Contract Research services offer high-quality science and industrial, solution-oriented research. Clients can leverage the expertise of our PhD scientists to solve computational science problems, access the complete portfolio of Andronovo software solutions and employ state-of-the-art hardware resources.

Contract Research offerings to fit your specific scientific needs:

Contract Research Projects:

We will execute the projects you don't have the time, resources or expertise to manage and deliver the results to you.

  • Contract Research Services for Biotech and Pharmaceutical Companies

Computational Scientist Resource Program:

Bring an Andronovo’s computational expert on board for a year, or even longer to augment your existing team.

  • Computational Scientist Resource Program for Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies

Collaborative Grant Application Program:

We work together to provide the computational research arm for joint grant applications.

Our contract scientists are published researchers in fields including biocides, skin chemistry, polymer chemistry, quantum modeling of metal properties, and informatics applications.

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