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Andronovo has established a niche in Pharmaceutical Product development in the area of Injectables / Sterile preparations and semi-solid dosage forms. Andronovo is well equipped and geared to take up challenging and complex projects right from product development to commercialization in various areas such as:

Pharmaceutical companies today face a challenge that may at times seem impossible— drive innovation while also reducing costs. With the realities of looming project deadlines, cumbersome data management and analysis processes, and limited access to existing knowledge and real-time reporting, these companies need more than a solution that withstands the rigor of an ambitious R&D process; they need one that improves it.

Andronovo Laboratories Scientific Informatics delivers trusted solutions for life and materials modeling and simulation, informatics, decision support, and business intelligence on a secure and scalable infrastructure that enables data, application and instrument integration, as well as process automation. As a result, pharmaceutical companies can fundamentally improve the R&D cycle by supporting tightly-integrated, closed-loop processes, from target identification to drug formulation.

Target Identification

Examine the structure and function of DNA, proteins, and other biological compounds, setting your discovery efforts on a promising path.

Lead Discovery

Rapidly identify and screen leads, explore more hypotheses, and streamline your processes along the way.

Lead Optimization

Quickly uncover leads with the greatest potential for being developed into effective, safe therapeutic agents.

Delivery and Formulation

Turn your biologically active molecules into viable products.

Productivity and Process Improvement

Streamline your R&D processes, save time, and better leverage your existing knowledge and expertise.

Decision Support

Ask the questions you want and get the answers you need.

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