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Andronovo is an Indian company that works in the field of bioinnovations to create and distribute economically priced, non-toxic and sustainable biotechnology products. We actively seek to develop environmentally friendly products that are thoughtful solutions to significant world problems. Our work takes us into bioenergy and clinical research, into industries and institutions, and into farms and communities throughout the world, where we provide safe biotechnology products that address greener alternatives and treat major environmental and industrial problems. Andronovo labs aims to serve the community at large by innovatively productive enterprise, promoting purposeful education, and greater opportunities for gainful employment.

Andronovo is a research-driven, biotechnology-led, life sciences organization. Andronovo participates in Informatics, Bioinformatics and industrial biotechnology opportunities. Specifically, these relate to biopharmaceuticals, pharmaceuticals, bioinformatics, clinical research services, biofuels, and industrial biotechnology.

From a domain perspective, these opportunities cover:

  • Bioinformatics (Drug Discovery Services, Sequence Analysis, Integrated Modelling and Simulations for biotherapeutics-based research)

  • Clinical Research Services (Bioavailability and Bioequivalence studies, Phase 1 studies, Phase 2 to 4 studies, Clinical Data Management, Biostatistics, Clinical Trial Supplies Management, Medical Writing, Pharmacovigliance, Regulatory Services and Quality Assurance)

  • Biofuels (Biomethane, Biodiesel & Bioethanol)

  • Industrial Biotechnology (Enzymes & Biochemicals)

Andronovo has an established end-to-end connected infrastructure for drug discovery and development; Andronovo Research Laboratories are located at Hyderabad, India. Through superior infrastructure and by adopting a judicious blend of structure-based drug design approach, Andronovo has been able to simultaneously work on several therapeutic areas with several lead compounds for the better Healthcare.

Andronovo labs offers Research as a Service (RaaS) platform for the Healthcare Industry, we will be able to enhance our unparalleled, hassle-free user experience even further. We hope to become the best research services company soon.

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