Skill Accreditation

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Andronovo Labs Skill Accreditation Program for Clinical Research and Healthcare Professionals.


  • For Clinical Research Quality Auditor and Clinical Data Management Quality Auditor for individuals with two or more years’ experience in Respective Areas. Individuals meeting all of the eligibility and application requirements will be required to successfully complete a written examination.
  • For Clinical Data Validator minimum 2 years of Clinical Data validation work experience is required
  • For Six-Sigma Green belt and Black belt and Kaizen minimum 1 year experience in Quality System is required
  • For Clinical Research Site Auditor , minimum 2 years of Site management Activities is required
  • For Healthcare Quality Auditor , minimum 2 years of Hospital or Healthcare Operations experience is required


The examination is intended to evaluate the applicant's knowledge and skill in comparison to the demands on Professional as they are found in clinical Research and Healthcare practice. Course material is provided by ANDRONOVO. Minimum Percentage is required for Certificate is 70.


Accreditation Programs


Clinical Research Quality Auditor

Clinical Data Management Quality Auditor

Clinical Data Validator

Six-Sigma Green Belt ,Black Belt

Kaizen Quality

Clinical Research Site Auditor

Healthcare Quality Auditor

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