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"Powered by over 100 employees worldwide, driven by our core values of integrity, quality, commitment and innovation, and renowned for excellence in everything we do, Andronovo Labs is more than a company. We are a uniquely global institution that offers an endless array of opportunities for career achievement and growth. At Andronovo Labs, you are empowered to create a career that will take you where you want to go. Here, you’ll enjoy the freedom to explore new projects, the support to think outside the box and the advanced tools and technology that foster innovation and achievement.

Andronovo Labs provides you with a solid foundation to build a career that's challenging, satisfying and responsive to your changing needs. Here’s a simple and effective way to apply for a range of opportunities with Andronovo Labs in India. You may search on our India Job Portal and apply online for a position that matches your interests. Once your profile is in our system, we will be more than glad to contact you if we see a match with our available opportunities.

Robust Teamwork

Highly challenging and intensely collaborative, our work is constantly evolving, helping us to redefine the leading edge. As a member of our team, you’ll have the opportunity to see your ideas come to life and make a significant impact on our business.

Employer of Choice

Customers around the world know what to expect from Andronovo Labs products-quality, reliability and performance excellence. Our values also extend to the way we take care of our employees and their families. We remain on the leading edge by providing competitive benefits & rewards that respond to the diverse lifestyles of our people and an ever–changing world.

Philosophy of Total Rewards

At Andronovo Labs, rewards aren’t limited to monetary compensation. We offer our employees a comprehensive range of tangible and intangible benefits that help us retain the best and brightest professionals in the industry. Elements of our Total Rewards package include:

  • Challenging Work
  • Benefits
  • Variable Pay
  • Rewards and Recognition
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Employee Development
  • Andronovo Labs Affiliation
  • Diversity and Inclusion

To address the complex challenges of our global business, we require a diversity of people, perspectives and ideas. At Andronovo Labs, we acknowledge each individual’s unique skills, talents and contributions in a team environment that promotes respect and personal achievement. With diverse products and geographic areas, we’re committed to being inclusive of all viewpoints.

Attracting top talent

Andronovo Labs’s Global Team Enrichment initiative is designed to attract, develop and retain the best global talent, from all backgrounds. The initiative provides a framework for action through Team Enrichment Councils, which take on various activities and suggest new ways of thinking about talent, and create a more inclusive work environment that promotes new thinking and fosters innovation.

Global Citizenship

With great achievement comes great responsibility. At Andronovo Labs, we understand that while business results are critical, how results are achieved is equally important. Our values of integrity, quality, commitment and innovation are evident in all our endeavors.Our operations and processes are designed to improve productivity while minimizing environmental impact. We invest in and explore alternative energy technologies, such as wind energy. Our factories provide remarkably safe environments—the safest in the industry.

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