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Andronovo Labs is actively engaged in building a strong and diversified Intellectual Property portfolio for biopharmaceutical and biotechnology products. The IPM department supports the development of patent applications, Patent filing, identifies potential new products and markets for APIs and formulations, besides supporting research activities.

Andronovo Labs believes that the broad nature of its intellectual property provides several opportunities for product development, partnering and licensing. A team of well qualified and highly experienced technical specialities from diverse fields of science involved in evaluating techno-legal and techno-commercial aspects of the products, strategic product development, competitive IP generation and patenting, leveraging the intellectual property across the globe. This is a continuous process aimed at providing generic medicines at affordable prices to the mankind. 30% of the patent applications are in the areas of drug discovery and other cutting-edge spaces. Going forward, further acceleration in the filing process together with the publication and grant of patents is expected.

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